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Argon 18 Gallium Pro Disc

Our shop is full service doing anything from fixing your flat tire or bleeding brakes to full tune ups, overhauls, and shock services. Come in for a free estimate and professional evaluation of recommended repairs. Our Service Department offers a 72 hour turn around, unless special parts need to be ordered from our suppliers. Our mechanics will often suggest specific a la carte services to address specific issues to help save you time and money while keeping your bike running as smoothly as possible.

Flat fixes are done as quickly as possible, schedule permitting. 


Drive Train Service

  • Remove drive train components
  • Soak in bio-degreaser solvent to thoroughly clean parts (Crankset, Bottom Bracket, Front/Rear Derailleurs
    and Chain)
  • Straighten Derailleur Hanger
  • Adjust & Lube Derailleurs (front/rear) and chain
  • Overhaul Bottom Bracket


Basic Tune-up

  • Adjust Front and Rear Brakes
  •  Adjust and Lube Drivetrain
  • Adjust all Bearing Surfaces e.g. Hubs, Headset, Bottom Bracket etc.
  • Lube Moving Parts and Pivots
  • Clean Bike / Wipe off excess dirt and grime
  • Check and Tighten all Bolts & Nuts to manufacturer’s torque specs
  • Evaluate all parts for wear and tear; make any recommendations for replacement.


Complete Tune-up

  • Remove the complete Drive Train (Chain, Crankset, Bottom Bracket, Cassette/Freewheel, and soak/wash Biodegreaser solvent tank to thoroughly clean parts, and evaluate for wear and tear.
  • True Wheels front and rear on Truing Stand
  • Adjust Shifting, and Adjust Brakes Front & Rear
  • Adjust all Bearing Surfaces e.g. Hubs, Headset, Bottom Bracket, etc.
  • Lube Moving Parts & Pivots e.g. Brake & Derailleur Pivots & Chain
  • Bike Cleaned & Polished thoroughly, excess dirt and grime is removed
  • Replace parts as needed.


Complete Overhaul

  • All elements of our Complete Tune Up, plus:
    A complete overhaul. The bike is dressed down to the frame
  • All components cleaned.
  • All loose bearings (cartridge bearings not included) are replaced including hubs, headset and bottom bracket where applicable.
  • All cables and housings are replaced.
    Frame is reassembled and completely tuned to ride better than new!
  • Your bike has never loved you so much!
  • This is one of our most popular Service options, recommended once a year from quality bicycle manufacturers, to help identify & prevent any manufacturing defect warranties.
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